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What is Satta King ?

Hello friends, if you are reading this article then it means that you must have heard about Satta King and you want to know more about it. We will give you complete information about Satta King in this article.

Friends, as you may know that there are many types of luck based games played in India, which include card games, cricket satta, poker, teen patti etc. Similarly Satta King is also a type of luck based game which is played in India since many years. In this game people bet their money on the numbers and the player whose number opens is the winner of the game. Earlier the name of this game was Satta Matka. Satta means gambling and Matka means a pot from which the winning numbers were drawn. The word King was used by the people to honor the winning player. But when the game became very popular, people named this game Satta king.

Friends, as you know that both Satta king and Satta matka are the names of the same game in which players place bets on the basis of numbers, but the rules for playing both games are different. In Satta King game players bet on numbers from 00 to 99 and result is opened once a day at fixed time whereas in Satta Matka player bet on set of three numbers and result of this game is opened twice a day.

History of Satta King

Friends, By now you must have came to know what is Satta King and how it works. But have you ever wondered when and how this game started and for how many years this game is being played. In this article, we will give you complete information about the history of Satta King.

Satta King is originated in the United States in the 1950s when players would place bets on the opening and closing rates of cotton being shipped from the Bombay Cotton Exchange to the New York Cotton Exchange via teleprinter. When New York banned this type of practice in 1961, bookies had to find another way to keep the game alive. In India, Satta King was started by two big bookies Kalyanji Bhagat and Ratan Khatri in Mumbai. In 1962 Kalyanji Bhagat started Worli Matka game with a new idea. According to this idea, slips numbered from 1 to 100 were put in a pot and then without looking any slip was taken out of the pot. Whichever player's number opened, he was declared the winner.

After Kalyanji Bhagat, in 1964 Ratan Khatri also started a new Worli game with new rules. Both games ran 7 days a week. Due to which more bookies started opening their shop around the mill and more mill workers started playing this game. That is why Central Mumbai became the hub of Satta King. In the 1980s to 1990s, this game became so popular that the monthly turnover of this game crossed 500 crores. When the police came to know about this, the police started raiding all the bookies' shops. Due to which the bookies suffered huge losses and apart from central Mumbai, the bookies started Satta King in other states like Gujarat, Rajasthan etc.

Types of Satta King games

Satta King Is the term for gamblers; it doesn't have a form of the game. There are different types of gaming forms in the Satta King. It decided on the place where the game was played. If someone starts the satta king game in their location, its name agrees with the name of the area where it is organized. Some known forms of Satta king are Gali, Deshawar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Pune City, Mumbai City, Delhi Bazar, Dubai King, and many more like this. The game's name depends on which city or state game is played or which timing satta king results are declared. Gali Result comes at 11:15 pm, Deshwar Result at 5:00 am, and others are on their prefixed times. You can get Gali Result and Desawar Result Superfast on the internet.

In Satta King, you can win x amount of money on your bets. It depends on the game you are playing. Single, Jodi, and Patti are some of the variants of the Satta king. In Single, players choose a single-digit number from 0 to 9. In Jodi, the Player Selects the double-digit number From 10 to 99, and Patti Means three digits; in this game, players can select the different options of Patti likewise open patti, close patti, and other patti options. If the chosen number matches the result, they win. For example, if a player chooses the number 04 and the result is 04, they win. Same with the Jodi And Patti. If you win, you get the 90x bet amount; e.g., if you bet with 20 rupees and win, you'll get the 20x90. Your winning amount is 1800 rupees. Same with another amount like 4500 Rs. for 50, 9000 for 100.

Why Satta King So famous in India ?

Satta King is so popular in India because this game is being played in India since 1960s and most of the people of India whether they are rich or poor play this game. And where in other games like poker, cricket betting etc a lot of gambling amount had to be spent, the winning amount is double or thrice as compared to the amount invested. Whereas in Satta King, a poor person can play the game with as little as Re 1 and the amount won in this game is 90 times of the bet amount. This game is very easy to play and it is played in every state, locality, street of India. The reach of this game is everywhere and playing this game is easy for every person, whether he is a poor or rich. As you know, if a player wins the game, he gets 90 times the winning amount of the bet amount, which is a huge amount. That's why many poor people think that by playing this game they can overcome their poverty and for those who are unemployed and lazy, it is a good way to earn money while sitting. Many people play Satta King simply because their friends or relatives ask them to play this game. Satta King is a hobby game for rich people, they play this game simply because they are addicted to it. They don't care about winning or losing, they just love to gamble. Due to all these reasons, Satta King is such a famous game in India.

Why people love to play Satta King ?

People love to play Satta King, Because it is completely luck based game. No one knows when his luck will open and that player will win a lot of money. In this hope, all the players play the game daily. This game is mostly famous among the youngsters because this game is full of excitement and thrill. In this game, youngsters think that they will become rich soon by winning a huge amount and will get rid of all their problems. Some people play Satta King game even because of lack of knowledge. They think this is some get-rich-soon scheme. They don't know that gambling only ruins people's lives. Some people think that they can guess the next winning number by looking at old records chart of game and doing calculations in their mind. That's why they play the game with full confidence. Playing Satta King is a fun for many people, this game acts as a stress reliever for them. This game is very easy to play and it is played in every street, locality, state of India. People can easily find hundreds of bookies around them that run the Satta King game.

Popular Satta King games

Many games are played in Satta King. Any bookie can open his game to earn profit. When a bookie begins a new game, he can name the game whatever he wants. As some bookies name the game after the place in which the game starts Like Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Deshawar, Mumbai Market, Delhi Market, Pune City, Mumbai City etc. There is no rule to start the Satta King game. If we talk about the most popular games played, then Gali, Deshawar, Ghaziabad and Faridabad are the most popular games.

How to play Satta King ?

Satta King game can be played both offline and online. But still it is played offline more because bookies are physically present in offline mode and there are less chances of any kind of fraud in the game. Due to internet technology, many bookies have also started playing it online. Playing Satta King online is much easier for the bookies as compared to the offline mode because bookies do not need to be physically present at their shop, bookies can run this game sitting at their homes. Bookies need a mobile application or a website to run Satta King online where users play online by creating their own account and adding money to their wallet.

Playing this game offline and online has its own advantages and disadvantages. But before that we will know that how to play it offline and online.

Offline Satta King: To play this game offline, you have to first contact the bookie of your area who is called khaiwal in the language of Satta King. Khaiwal plays a vital role in this game. Khaiwal is the person who acts as an agent or mediator between the game organizers and the players. The job of a khaiwal is to place bets and manage financial transactions. If there is any money-related mess in the game, only khaiwal is responsible for that. That's why the work of khaiwal is very difficult.

Khaiwal first deals with the betting amount and betting numbers from the players who want to play Satta King. After that khaiwal forwards this betting number and amount to the game organisers. When the game organizers declare the winning numbers, the khaiwal collects the winning numbers and the winning amount from the game organizers and distributes it to the winning players. Along with this Khaiwal also maintains the record of the bets so that the transparency of the game is maintained and it helps in settling any kind of dispute.

Once you have found a khaiwal in your area, you can place your bet by visiting that Khaiwal's shop. But before going to khaiwal you should check the old result record of the game you want to bet on. This will help you predict the next winning number. Once you have placed a bet on your favorite game, then you will have to wait for the results to open. The result of each game is opened at different fixed time like Gali game result open at 11:30 pm, Deshawar game result open at 5:00 am, Faridabad game result open at 6:15 pm And the Ghaziabad game result opens at 9:00 PM. If the number on which you placed your bet appears in the result of the game, then you are the winner of the game and according to the rules of the game, you get 90 times the amount you have placed as winning amount.

Online Satta King: With the advancement of technology this game is also entered into online world. You do not need to go to any khaiwal to play it online. You can play Satta King online as per your comfort sitting at your home. Nowadays there are many websites and mobile applications available on the internet through which you can play it online. You just have to create an account on these mobile applications or websites. After that you can bet on any game by adding money to your wallet. These online platforms allow almost all Satta King games to be played. If you become a winner in any game, then the won amount is directly transferred to your bank.

By now you must have come to know how Satta King is played offline and online. Now let's talk about what are the advantages and disadvantages of playing it online and offline. As you know, players have to go to the shop of khaiwal to play Satta King offline. Khaiwal is physically present at his shop to manage the game. For this reason, a social connection is formed between the players and the khaiwal, so that there is trust between the players and the khaiwal, and the whole game runs smoothly without any cheating and disputes.

The biggest drawback of playing it Offline is that the identity of the players and the khaiwal is not hidden in it, and as soon as the police come to know the address of any khaiwal's shop, the police immediately raids there. There is always a risk of getting caught by the police in Offline mode. If a person gets caught by the police, then he has to pay a heavy fine or can be imprisoned. In such a situation, that person also loses his social respect.

If we talk about playing Satta King online, Because in the online mode neither players nor khaiwal are physically present at any place, that is why the risk of getting caught by the police is almost negligible. Since it is played over a network, the identity of the players and the khaiwals is not revealed. There is only one problem associated with online Satta King, which is money related scam. There are many websites and applications on the internet which are genuine. But there are a lot of fake websites and applications on the internet that scam people. They take money from users but do not transfer the won amount to users. That's why invest money in such website or application after doing your research.

How to find trusted Khaiwals ?

Khaiwals are mediators that arrange betting in Satta king. They may be found in various areas and are frequently well-connected within the network. Finding khaiwals requires contacting people knowledgeable about the game and its processes. It is essential to take caution and examine the legal ramifications of dealing with khaiwals, as Satta King is banned in India. Identifying trustworthy khaiwals ensures a fair and reliable Satta King experience. Request references from people who have already worked with khaiwal. Reliable word-of-mouth recommendations can assist you in locating trusted khaiwals. Look for khaiwals with a solid reputation in the local area. A successful track record implies credibility. Trustworthy khaiwals explain the betting procedure, odds, and possible winnings in detail. Avoid those who are elusive or unclear. Established khaiwals who have been in business for a while and have a steady customer are likelier to be trustworthy.

How to get fast Satta King result ?

Many people have this problem that they do not get the correct result of Satta King games at the right time. There are two ways to get result, the first one is that you stay in touch with khaiwal, he will give you correct result of Satta King games at right time. But if your khaiwal does not tell you the result on time, then you can also check the result online. There are many websites on the internet which publish the results of almost all the Satta King games on time. You just have to search Satta King by going to Google. But keep in mind that all the websites on the internet do not publish the correct result. Some websites also display wrong results. That's why you have to search the right and authentic website by yourself.

What happen when you play Satta King game ?

In today's competitive lifestyle, everyone wants to earn a lot of money as soon as possible in a short cut way. No one is interested in earning money by working hard. That's why when it comes to earning money in a short cut way, only one name comes in people's mind, Satta King. Satta King is so famous in India that most of the population of India plays this game. People of every class, whether they are rich or poor, people of every caste, people of every religion play this game. Everyone thinks that playing this game will make them rich. In this game, you get a chance to win a lot of money by investing only a small amount, that's why everyone tries their luck in this game. But the opposite happens, all those who spend money in Satta King lose their money. Because in this game out of 100 only one person wins and the remaining 99 people lose their money so this game is based on luck. Nobody knows whose number would be the winning number. Many people read the old result charts to guess the next winning number. They think that Satta King company opens the next winning number by doing some mathematical calculation. While nothing of the sort happens. Numbers are drawn randomly in this game. No one can tell what the next winning number will be. That's why most people lose all their money.

Reality of leak number

If you see Satta King Result online, then you must have seen such websites where some people claim through advertisement that they will give you leak number from the company and for this they ask you to deposit some money in advance as fees. While some people ask for some part of the won amount if they pass the leaked number without taking advance. If you come in contact with a person who claims to have given you the leaked number and asks for money from you, please do not trust his words. They are all fraudsters. They do not have any connection with any Satta King company. They just want to rob you and this is their way of earning money. As soon as you give money to these scammers, these people will stop picking up your phone and block you from everywhere. If we talk about those people who first give you the leaked number and after passing the number ask you for payment, they are also scammers. Such people give you a random number by telling you the leak number and ask you to invest more money on this number. These scammers give different numbers to 100 different players and ask them to play for more money. And when any one of those 100 players has the number passed. Those players give a part of their winning amount to these scammers. In the same way these scammers get good income without doing anything or without investing any money in the game. In fact, even these scammers know that people lose their money in Satta King. That's why these scammers instead of investing their own money, get other players' money to be spent on the game. And if those players lose, then only the players lose their money and if the players win, then the players give some part of their winning amount to these scammers. Due to which even these scammers get profit. The fact is that no one can give you the leak number. If any Satta King company will give you a leak number then everyone will bet on the same number so that all the people will win and no one will lose. And when no one will lose, then the company will have to give money from its own pocket to the winners. In such a situation, there is a lot of loss of the company, which no company wants. That is why Satta King company never leaks the number. In Satta King, 99 out of 100 people lose their money and from the lost money of 99 people, the prize is given to the winning player and some part is kept by the Satta King company.

Reality of Satta king

Satta King is a type of luck based game in which people bet on numbers 00 to 99 and then a number is drawn at random. The player whose number comes out wins the game. This is how people understand the Satta King. But the reality of the game is something else. Every Satta King company runs any game so that that company can earn maximum profit. The aim of the company itself is to earn profit, So they do not randomly open the result of the games. In earlier times, when there was no computer technology, the result of the game was taken out in front of everyone. But now there is no transparency in Satta King game. Company first of all collects the betting amount and numbers from all the players. After that the company analyzes all the records to know that on which number, how much money is being gambled. After this, Company opens the same number on which the least amount of money has been gambled. So that the company has to distribute the minimum amount of money to the players in the form of winning amount. In this way we can say that the next opening number in Satta King game is already fixed by the company.

Conclusion of Satta king

Satta King is a Completly random game. The winning numbers of the game are drawn randomly. Winning is only decided by luck and fate. There is no guarantee of winning the game nor a system that predicts the leak number. That's why every Player should remember that this is a game of randomness, and results are decided randomly. Before playing Satta King, gaining experience is most important. Instead of playing without experience and reviews, you should play it with your mind. That's how winning chances can be increased. But still, you can't predict the winning Satta result. You have to be such lucky to get repeated victories. And never put your bets on a single number. Choose multiple numbers so your winning chances are more often. Keep yourself updated with the latest Satta King result, news, and new rules, so you should have all the information before playing. After doing everything still, no one can predict the number or guarantees victory in this game. The results of the Satta King are entirely based on luck, and no one knows the number before the announcement. Some Individual claims to predict the winning number by analyzing the old Satta King charts Records and learning various techniques. They will claim to predict winning by making mathematical strategies. This claim will look realistic, But any promises or tactics that offer guaranteed winning numbers are misleading and should be avoided. Satta King's results are unpredictable and cannot be appropriately predicted based on historical trends. Previous results have not had much influence on future drawings. Relying only on historical data to make predictions can lead to false confidence, resulting in the loss of your money. Satta King is a game of fate, and while some players may win regularly, it's important to remember that there is no practical method for regularly predicting or manipulating the results. It's necessary to approach Satta King responsibly and realistically, viewing it as a kind of enjoyment rather than a source of income.


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